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AquaProofTM laminate plank boasts impressive durability. This waterproof flooring, measuring 10MM in thickness and featuring a 2MM premium attached pad, is crafted using cutting-edge core technology, ensuring outstanding performance.

AquaProof XL

Elevate your space with AquaProof XL, featuring impressive dimensions measuring 9.3” x 72”. This flooring offers a spacious and opulent appearance that will elevate any room in your home or business. Its substantial thickness of 14 mm includes a robust 12 mm polymer core and an additional 2 mm of premium foam for enhanced comfort and excellent sound reduction. The textured surface, replicating natural wood grain and color, provides an authentic look. Designed to endure daily use and heavy foot traffic, AquaProof XL comes with an AC4 rated wear layer, ensuring durability against the challenges of a bustling environment.

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